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 1、产品和服务:验房、设计、施工、大奖官方网站、管理、软装配饰一站式解决  2、企业文化:创新、激情、务实、团队、高效、超越  3、大奖官方网站荣誉:成都市建筑大奖官方网站协会会员单位;成都建筑大奖官方网站协会理事单位 ;住宅大奖官方网站大奖官网行业十年成长力的优秀企业;2011成都第十二届建筑大奖官方网站空间艺术设计作品大赛设计实力团队奖。  4、大奖官方网站地址:成都市武侯区益州大道北段777号中航国际A座2楼Eo3大奖官网网-成都大奖官网专业平台



  Sichuan Lang bee Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd. is a using new custom monolithic model large decoration company inspector, design, construction, material, management, soft decoration in one. For the modern rapid busy life, Lang bee abandoned the decoration market inherent mode, to "price" the customization outfit, the late soft decoration as the main mode of decoration, for every customer service at home. Lang bee with ten years to the decoration market understanding, in general for the concealed works do not attach importance to, use of environmental safety performance excellent line auxiliary, such as Germany Fang latex paint, European standard electricity and water pipes, France Saint Gobain light steel keel, Saint Gobain gypsum board, Tebian electric wire, hidden engineering one pace reachs the designated position, avoid late safety hidden trouble, worry health. In addition, Lang bee also introduced imperial ware, Kohler, Rodin ceramic, Mona Lisa, Rom Rio, power Dekor, l of flooring, Lianfeng floor etc. international and domestic brands, focus on creating high-quality, more comfortable home environment. Over the years, Lang bee decoration was awarded the "China Building Decoration Association member unit", "Chengdu decoration industry most of the growth of the excellent enterprise", "green decoration engineering enterprise"...Eo3大奖官网网-成都大奖官网专业平台

  Lang bee for urban fast pace of life, the "price" custom self-contained mode. On the basis of every model shows, according to customer demand for new design, all advocate material, auxiliary materials, furniture, appliances, soft adornment a station type purchase Qi, diversification of furniture, wallpaper, curtains and other soft decoration accessories for customers provide rich choice space, realize the true carry package stay, to own their own "private custom." Lang bee in the decoration market chaotic situation, and puts forward the three "zero concerns: late increase zero concerns to ensure budget price is final price; zero material fidelity concerns, the materials used are factory direct shipping, formal invoice issued by manufacturer, guarantee the authenticity of the materials; zero concern for engineering quality, strict engineering quality management, director of supervision to supervise each other, eight step acceptance layers in place to ensure decoration engineering specifications.Eo3大奖官网网-成都大奖官网专业平台

  In addition, Lang bee in Shanghai Baoshan, custom furniture factory and Taipei, New York, Berlin, Milan special high-end designers cooperation, overseas compatriots in the renovation of residential provide multinational customized services to achieve high-end self-contained custom-built extend to the global strategic layout, in a foreign country can also enjoy the quality of domestic decoration services. Whether you in Los Angeles, Oakland or New York, London, Sydney, as long as there is demand, Lang bee can hear you call, to meet your needs. Customer satisfaction, is every person's greatest wish Lang bee! Lang bee adheres to our customers love, in the process of each service in the. Good faith service, practical operation will make the "honey" Lang bee more and more sweet!Eo3大奖官网网-成都大奖官网专业平台

1, products and services: inspector, design, construction, material, management, soft decoration a station type solve 2, corporate culture: innovation, passion, pragmatic, team, efficient and beyond 3, the company honor: Chengdu Building Decoration Association member units; Chengdu Building Decoration Association, the governing unit; residential decorative decoration industry ten years most of the growth of the excellent enterprise; 2011 Chengdu twelfth building space decoration art design works contest most award the design strength of the team. 4, the company address:Chengdu City Wuhou District Yizhou Avenue North of AVIC international A NO.777 2 floor.Eo3大奖官网网-成都大奖官网专业平台




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